I was born in to fishing. In fact my father was out fishing while I was getting my first breaths. I have spent a life time fishing from Trout in New York State, Bass in Connecticut lakes to Bluefish, Weakfish and Striped Bass in Long Island Sound. Once out of High School I began to find it difficult to get out of state and my fishing began to gravitate towards bass. Eventually in 1988 I bought a bass boat, a Ranger 363V. I spent the next 15 years chasing bass around the various Connecticut lakes. Then something happened, the boat began to sit, my rods and reels began to gather dust. My fishing was limited to a few times per year for Trout on the Housatonic and Farmington rivers. Eventually I sold the Ranger bass boat. Somewhere along the line fishing from the boat stopped being the enjoyment it once was. It had become too routine, work like.

Then about two years ago I decided to take a rod and reel with me on one of our favorite dog walk areas, Lake Wintergreen in Hamden CT. Something happened on that trip to Lake Wintergreen. I made a connection to fishing and nature that I hadn’t felt since my youth. I had long forgotten how much I enjoyed the sounds , sights and smells of being out there. Fishing had become my version of taking the time to smell the roses.

In the years that passed while I had the Ranger Bass Boat my fishing skills improved tremendously. These skills translated to being a pretty good land based trout and bass angler. I didn’t need a big expensive boat with fish finders, live wells, 6 tackle boxes and a dozen or so rods and reels.  I could in fact have great success fishing and fun with gear I could carry in my two hands. Then in it occurred to me that with all the fishing websites and fishing blogs on the internet there’s not many devoted to folks like me fishing from shore with modest tackle. It was at that time, spring 2010 I decided I wanted to start a fishing blog about getting back to basics. From that this site was born, almost.


The first problem I faced with a fishing blog was a name or more importantly a domain name. Problem was all the good .com’s related to key fishing terms are taken. I ended up settling on Tacklezone.net. I wasn’t crazy about the title as it sounded more football related than fishing. That sufficed until April 2011. Then a more appropriate name came to mind PracticalFishing.com


PracticalFishing.com really sums up what this site is about. Within these pages you wont find complex technical data and specifications on fishing tackle and techniques. Everything I have to say will be summed up with a few pictures and paragraphs. This site is for those who want the bottom line on affordable tackle and no BS techniques.






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