Always Ready To Fish

One of my favorite things about living in the Northeast Unites States is there’s rivers, streams, lake, ponds and swamps everywhere. Because of this I am always prepared to fish whenever the opportunity makes itself available.  By being prepared I mean I always have a rod and reel and a few assorted lures behind the seat of my pickup at all times. My setup is simple and inexpensive.

Not being a fan of two piece rods I choose to pack an ultralight combo with a 4′ rod and a micro or ultralight spinning reel wound with 4 pound test. These rod and reel combos are pretty cheap at Cabelas, typically $40-$60. Of course they aren’t top of the line  but at this price they are serviceable yet disposable. If and when you break them you wont feel bad. About the only feature I demand of the reel is a decent anti-reverse. For lures Ill pack the following:

  • Small spoons like a Daredevil
  • A few minnow lures like the Rebel and Rapala’s I mentioned elsewhere
  • Few insect looking lures
  • Inline spinners such as a Mepps Aglia’s and Wordens Rooster Tails.
  • Small flies
  • Ice fishing jigging lures like 1/10 oz Swedish Pimples – For swamp and stream brook trout

All that tackle will fit in a small tackle box 6x4x1 1/2″ or a tackle pouch. I use an old Plano box with a wrist strap or this Berkly strap on tackle box you wear like a belt.

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