Favorite Lure – Rapala Original Floating Minnow

As a youngster I spent my summers Trout Fishing the Salmon River in and around Malone New York. I was fortunate enough to spend time on the Salmon River with family friend Charles “Charlie” Kirk. Charlie was an old-timer, life long fisherman who used to own a bait and tackle shop in Oxford Connecticut. (I’ll save Charlies story for another day). He would spend his summers at my parents weekend camp on Shears Road in Malone. During our family vacations and on weekends we would cohabitated with Charlie and his wife Helen. Charlie and I would fish morning and night. At that time my go to lure was a 1 3/4″ Black and Silver Rebel Floating Minnow. Make no mistake I did pretty good with the Rebel Minnow but Charlie was always catching more and bigger Trout than I. One day he hands me a little box and that box contained my first Rapala Floating Minnow. On first cast I was stunned at how natural the lure looked¬† swam in the rivers current. I recall catching a trout in one of my first casts.

That Rapala was a game changer for me over the years. I have used it all over the Northeast for most freshwater species of fish with great success.  While I have tried most of the color variations and styles no variation or other lure for that matter has served me as well to this day.

The Rapala Minnow is the first lure I cast, it’s the lure I keep in my truck, it’s the lure I recommend to everyone looking to fish with artificial lures.

If I had to pick one lure to survive on it would be the Rapala Original F05Gold 2″ Floating Minnow.

Note: I will tackle how I use the lure on various fish and fishing conditions in a later entry.

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