G.Loomis GL3 CR722 Bait Casting Rod 10011-01

I had planned this winter to purchase a Shiman0 Core 50MG7 baitcasting reel and as luck would have at Bass Pro Shops is having a 6 month payment special. Unfortunately they had no  Shiman0 Core 50MG7 baitcasting reels in stock. So I did the next best thing. I ordered a rod to go with the reel I don’t have as of yet.

I had my heart set on a G.Loomis GLX CR722 10396-01 but unfortunately Bass Pro Shops does not stock that model. That’s alright though. While I was willing to spend $340 and the G.Loomis GLX CR722 10396-01 I’m glad Bass Pro Shops selection forced me in to selecting the $200 G.Loomis GL3 CR722 Bait Casting Rod 10011-01. I have a spinning rod that is the GL2 series and I like it very much so I’m sure the G3 will not disappoint.

This is how G.Loomis describes the “CR” series rods

Classic “CR” (Casting Rods) Series is designed for accurate, low-trajectory casting which makes them ideal for fishing in tight quarters, around low overhanging limbs and cover. They are all 6-foot casting rods with Fuji’s ECS (exposed blank – trigger reel seats) and 7-inch, straight cork rear-grips. These are the rods that started it all for G.Loomis in the bass fishing world. Anglers use them for topwater baits, spinnerbaits and jigs and worms where accuracy is more important than distance. These rods remain on the cutting edge of graphite technology today. They are no-nonsense, no frills, high performance fishing tools. The most popular models are available in all four levels of graphite performance.

2 Replies to “G.Loomis GL3 CR722 Bait Casting Rod 10011-01”

  1. The G.Loomis GL3 CR722 Bait Casting Rod arrived in 3 days, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This means I couldn’t even look at the rod until today, Black Friday.

    The first thing that strikes me on this rod as well as most modern high quality fishing rods is the weight. The tube the rod shipped in felt empty.

    Anyhow Ill try to get some pictures this weekend.

  2. I ended up getting the Shiman0 Core 50MG7 for Christmas. I mounted the reel on the G.Loomis GL3 CR722 today. Im hoping to try the combination out next weekend if the weather cooperates

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