Old Lure Designs Still Work

Each year fisherman spend millions of dollars on fishing tackle. We are constantly bombarded with new fishing lures promising to be better than anything before it.  The lures have photo finishes to look like actual fish, they have bodies that replicate the swimming action of bait fish and fry.

I personally buy into this hype continuously.  However several recent fishing outing have reminded me that often times the oldest lure designs still stand the test of time. While bass fishing a few weeks ago nobody around me was catching anything. I threw most of my favorite lures without success as well. Finally as a last ditch effort I switched to a Heddon Torpedo. The Heddon Torpedo has been around for almost a century. Before you know it the water was exploding with bass.

Heddon Tiny Torpedo
Heddon Torpedo

This past Friday drove the point home again while fishing for Trout on the  Housatonic River in Kent, Connecticut. We were catching a trout here and there and we can see a lot of trout following the lure but they just weren’t taking the lure. My fishing partner switched to an Al’s Original Goldfish and began to catch a trout every few casts.

Al's Goldfish
Al's Original Goldfish

I thought it would be interesting to try the various lure’s in my tackle box that mimicked the Al’s Goldfish the closest. No luck, for whatever reason The trout remained mostly uninterested. That got me thinking. When we fished this exact location last spring the landowner had made a lure recommendation. Based upon that recommendation and as an afterthought I ordered the lure he recommended a few days before this fishing trip. This lure is the Worden’s Original Rooster Tail.

Worden's Original Rooster Tail
Worden's Original Rooster Tail

Fortunately the Rooster Tail arrived the day before the trip and made this one of my best trout fishing experiences in decades if not ever.  Not only was I now catching trout but I also caught on of the largest Brown Trout of my life.

Today as I sit here typing this out I wonder if some of the other classics  might has done as well. Classics such as the Red/White Daredevil, Mepps Aglia or maybe even a gold Phoebe. I guess Ill have to go fishing again to find out.

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