Santa Brought Me Fishing Tackle

In years passed Santa has always brought me a bit of fishing tackle. This year though Santa treated me extra special. For starters I got this years dream baitcasting reel. That reel is the Shimano Core Mg7. The thing that make the Shimano Core Mg7 is it’s size and ability to fish light lines and lures. We will discuss this in another post.

Besides the reel I got a circular rod rack that holds 24 rods. A couple neoprene rod protectors, neoprene reel cover and several lures I will list by name below.

  • Rapala X-Rap Shad Xtreme Action Slashbait XRS-06 G 2-1/2” 5/16 OZ (Gold)
  • Storm ThunderCraw CW07 2 3/4 ”  1/4 oz. (Phantom Brown Crayfish)
  • Wake JigWobbler  2 1/2″ 5/80z  (Nightmare)
  • River2sea Dahlberg Clackin Crayfish CLC130  5″ 1oz (Red)

Lastly an additional tacklebox to store it all in, a Plano 1364. The Plano 1364 utilizes the 3600 trays which are the same as my backpack.

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