Fall fishing 2010 has been all about breaking with the tradition of using what fishing lures I know work well for me and trying out new lures to see if something truly better exists.

Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Pro
Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Pro

With that in mind today I hit the water with the SEBILE MAGIC SWIMMER SOFT PRO 105. The SEBILE MAGIC SWIMMER SOFT PRO comes in a package of 4 lures with one lure pre-rigged. The SEBILE MAGIC SWIMMER SOFT PRO is a realistic looking, weedless, soft bodied hollow swimbait. The body on the 105 model is molded of 3 segments. The body has an “envelope” area molded in with an opening at the belly that receives and conceals most of the offset hook inside the bait, requiring the hook go only through a small section of plastic in the upper back portion for enhanced fish-hooking.

Rigging is easy because “hook holes” are molded in for entry at the nose and exit in the back. To rig weedless, conceal the hook’s point in the recessed groove in the top of the lure’s back. Use  with  the  SEBILE  Soft Weight  System  for  easy
addition and removal of weight.

The SEBILE MAGIC SWIMMER SOFT PRO can also be fished weightless and casts easily and far by its own density. The lure can be rigged with a variety of hooks and jig heads and be fished many
different ways in fresh or saltwater.

The lure is great for skipping under docks, roots and other overhanging obstacles. It can also be Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged and fished on a drop-shot rig.

Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Pro Rigging Options
Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Pro Rigging Options

Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Pro in Action

I  couldn’t wait to get this lure in the water. I started with a few short casts to see how the lure behaved.  I was both excited and impressed with what I saw. Ill be darned the lure didn’t look and swim like a wounded minnow.

First cast landed where I suspect is a weed bed not visible from shore. It’s a usual spot for me. Anyhow I let the lure sink. I noticed right away that it was getting bat around by fish while sinking. Once the lure settled on the bottom I lifted the rod tip up about a foot and let the lure drop . Again I noticed something was entertaining the lure. After about 10 seconds my line started to go out. I set the hook and for a short time I had a pretty large fish on. Several more casts and more of the same.

I stopped fishing to inspect the lure and low and behold the hook unable to penetrate the rubber body to actually set in the fish. I was quite surprised at the effort it took to get the hook to penetrate the lure body.

With the lure in proper working order I resumed fishing. This time I began catching  bass nearly every cast for the next 15 minutes. All the bass were about 12″-14″ , not huge but fun on my light tackle.  I had to call it quits due to darkness.

Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Pro First Bass
Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Pro First Bass


I was very impressed with this lures ability to bring the bass in, especially when those around me were not catching anything. Now one good outing doesn’t make for a great lure. I guess Ill have to try again tomorrow…stay tuned.

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